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Africa’s first design-led hybrid hotel has landed in Cape Town

The first design-led hybrid hotel in Africa has opened its doors in Cape Town – and it’s all down to one of the continent’s youngest and most successful tourism entrepreneurs, Bheki Dube.

CURIOCITY Cape Town is a sophisticated hybrid hotel which offers luxury private rooms alongside shared suites designed to cater to the modern traveller.

While Cape Town certainly has its fair share of hostels and hotels, this is the first property which merges these two concepts.

Taking on the Mother City

CURIOCITY have taken their brand from backpackers to boutique with the opening of CURIOCITY Cape Town.

Set in a modernist three-storey building in the heart of the city’s Green Point neighbourhood, the new opening also boasts shared social spaces – including an onsite café-restaurant, pool and both indoor and outdoor lounge spaces – where like-minded travellers (and locals) can connect.

Dube explained “Our spaces allow travellers of all ages and demographics to better connect to the city they’re visiting. At all of our sites, we offer tours and experiences that are unique to each destination, allowing guests to go beyond the typical tourist traps and really get under the city’s skin.”
Social area.jpg Outdoor lounge.jpg
With the slick interiors and central location, you’d be forgiven for thinking a stay here might break the bank. But that’s not the case – stays range from $19.50 per person per night in a Shared Suite to just $82 per night in one of the spacious Premium Suites which come complete with comfy king beds, private bathroom, lounge and kitchenette areas, smart TVs and air-conditioning. There’s also a private balcony and drinks trolley so guests can relax with a cocktail and soak up the scenic views after a busy day exploring the city.

These rates make CURIOCITY Cape Town one of the most affordable options in the Mother City for travellers who don’t want to compromise on comfort and style.

The design concept

To design the spaces, Dube has collaborated exclusively with leading local designers to ensure every detail – from the decor to the staff uniforms – reflects the brand’s signature style.

Attik Design were challenged to design a hotel that is not just a living and meeting space, but an ‘urban refuge which reflects the personality of the city’.
Premium suite.jpg Premium Suite (2)-min.jpg
Brigid White, Design Director at Attik Design said: “The design of CURIOCITY Cape Town was inspired by the city itself. The real charm of Cape Town lies in it’s diversity, it’s multifaceted soul. In Cape Town, there is magic around every corner and this is what we wanted the interior to express.

“We drew inspiration from heritage details evident in the architecture of the area. The colour and texture palette portrays the style of Cape Town. We played with colour, texture and pattern to create a colour blocking theme, inspired by the Bo Kaap architecture. >

“Each room is multilayered by overlaying shades and tones of the same colour, and juxtaposing with contrasting pops of colour and pattern. Each pattern was carefully selected to reflect South African design.”

“Hints of inspiration from historical Cape Dutch architecture are evident. We applied heritage architectural details in different proportions for a contemporary twist. The Cape Dutch architectural gable inspired the design of the bed headboards.

“The strong angled painted blocks over doors and windows overlap the entire elevation of the building are reminiscent of the Cape Dutch architectural style of contrasting doors and window openings.

“A seaside feel is expressed externally with deck chairs in local patterns and bright colours. The Curiocity communal areas are lively and friendly, filled with personality and curious quirks.”

Wanting to make a mark in the neighbourhood, Atang Tshikare was also tasked with creating a mural on the facade of the building.

Where it all began

Born and raised in inner-city Johannesburg, Dube – who was named Africa’s Best Tourism Entrepreneur in this year’s Tropics Changemakers Awards – founded innovative tour company Main Street Walks at just 16-years old.

After five years of showing tourists the authentic side of Johannesburg’s inner-city districts, he opened his first hostel at the age of 21, playing a key role in the regeneration of the city’s renowned Maboneng precinct. The CURIOCITY brand was born and CURIOCITY Joburg quickly became one of the city’s most popular hangouts.

“From a young age, I had a vision to reshape the way people travel in Africa,” said Dube, “Starting out in Johannesburg, I wanted travellers to be able to experience the city on foot and hear stories from the entrepreneurs and creatives who live here so they can get a true sense of our identity.”

A second site soon followed in Durban. Working with leading local designers and architects, the team transformed a 1930s landmark heritage building into a luxury design hostel which opened its doors in 2016.

Looking to the future

Curious about what’s next? Dube is already lining up properties in locations across South Africa for 2020, including Kruger National Park and a CURIOCITY wellness retreat. Beyond that, their sights are set on expanding across Africa.

Dube adds: “As pioneers of the tourism industry in South Africa, it is an exciting time for the brand as we grow and develop. We will be the first locally-rooted hospitality brand to open across the African continent.”

Watch this space.