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Born Free Safaris & Tours has been a major force in the development of tourism to Africa with its President, Alana Hayden, authored the first of its kind, travel trade Africa Educational Manual in 1980 that gave direction to the agent on what countries had to offer and how to qualify the traveler and match it to the right destination.   

Now with 45 years of experience promoting all of Africa, Born Free takes pride in announcing the launch of their new website featuring an easy to use updated version of their pioneering Safari Planning Template.  With user-friendly intuitive navigation, the updated journeys can be customized to select bespoke experiences that are geared to the client’s comfort level, special interests, budget with a choice of accommodations.  Scheduled small group departures are also available in Kenya and Tanzania.  As always, Born Free offers the ultimate in luxury journeys as well as excellent value tours for the mainstream traveler.

Itineraries can be crafted to most any region of Africa. While most trips highlight Eastern and Southern Africa, Born Free travel experts are also experienced in planning trips to Morocco, Ethiopia and Madagascar.  Often overlooked are the countries of West Africa which highlight unforgettable interactions with the local people and a step into the stirring history of slavery.  There are also interesting villages, colorful handicrafts and arts both ancient and modern, music and in-sites into voodoo and traditional medicine practices.  Born Free has been arranging trips to West Africa for over 35 years.

Born Free has a long history of partnering with travel agents to successfully land their bookings.  The website is designed as the go-to site for the client who wants to use the internet as a resource and to work with their travel professional. Conference calls are encouraged between the travel agent and Born Free Safari consultant. All itineraries are presented with the agent’s logo.  Born Free will quote net or provide a very liberal commission structure.   With client’s doing much of their own research and contacting companies directly, Born Free guarantees that travel agent’s commissions as well as their branding are protected. Just give the Born Free office a call with the client’s name.

The new website provides clear and concise answers to many questions that the general traveler might ask their travel agent- such as the best time to visit, why to travel to one area over the other, and what the differences are in transportation and accommodations. 

In Tanzania, Born Free recently introduced their new 4×4 electric safari vehicles.  Also added into their fleet are luxury cruisers with Wi-Fi and rare but highly desired air conditioning!  Both are equipped with large photographic hatches and windows.

Born Free works hand in hand with their local African tour operators to ensure every aspect of the trip is catered to the travelers needs and wishes and orchestrated with professionalism down to the last detail.  Regardless of the destination, every Born Free trip is led by our excellent guides and locally hosted by our on-site staff, clients will be attended to from the moment they step onto African soil to the moment they bid farewell to this fabulous continent. 

“I look back to see what mark I will have left … and without a doubt, what constantly stands out is how many dreams, lifetime journeys and bucket list trips that I have helped make a reality. I invite you to look through this website, see what appeals to or inspires you, then reach out – and I will personally provide the kind of expertise and customer service that matters to the most discriminating travelers.” – Alana Hayden, Born Free President.



MEDIA CONTACT:  Melissa Scotti –  melissa@bfsafaris.com
WEBSITE: www.safaris2africa.com  and www.bornfreesafaris.com
CONTACT INFORMATION:     safaris@bfsafaris.com

TELEPHONE: 800 372 3274